StarProg-F Engineering Programmer
StarProg-F Engineering Programmer
StarProg-F Engineering Programmer

StarProg-F Engineering Programmer

540.18 €

Model Name : StarProg-F
Manual programmer that supports all Flash IC.

Description :

StarProg-F is an engineering FLASH IC programmer supports a variety of FLASH IC on the market, like EEPROM, SPI NOR/NAND FLASH, Parallel NOR/NAND Flash, eMMC/eMCP, etc. Powered by USB port and does not need external power. StarProg-F provides users Command Line for software redevelopment. Palm size and space saving. Whether engineering development or low volume production, StarProg-F offers user the best solution. This programmer programs the IC through DediProg designed socket adaptors.


High programming speed
Built in high speed processor to achieve high programming speed

Timing reference (P+V) MX25L1655D S29GL064S S34ML01G200T
8.5s 16.4s 44s
Support all FLASH IC and package
    1. Support EEPROM, SPI NOR/NAND Flash, Parallel NOR/NAND FLASH, eMMC/eMCP...etc.
    2. Support DIP, SOP, SSOP, TSOP, PLCC, QFN, BGA package...etc.
    3. Regular device update.
Support a variety of file formats
Binary, Intel Hex, Motorola, ROM, etc.
Support 1.8V low voltage IC
Provide Command Line
User can use 3rd party software to control the programmer through Windows command line.
Powered by USB port, external power is not needed.
    • Unlimited number of StarProg-F can be driven by 1PC

Standard Accessories :

StarProg-F*1 USB Cable*1 Power adaptor*1 8GB SD card*1
  • CD-ROM (Include Dediware software and user manual)*1
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