K110 Engineering Programmer

K110 Engineering Programmer

338.76 €

Model Name : K110


K110 is an engineering IC programmer that supports the majority Flash ICs on the market. Powered by USB port and does not need external power, also provides Command Line for software redevelopment. Palm-size and space saving. It provides online or offline Flash IC programming through the different adaptor. 

K110 offers user the best solution for development and low volume production.


  • High-speed programming

Built-in high-speed processor to achieve high programming speed.

Programming Speed (P + V):

IC Type IC P/N Data Size P+V Time(sec)
Engineering mode Standalone mode
SPI NOR W25Q64FV 8MB 16 19
GD25Q128B 16MB 46 52
SPI NAND GD5F2GQ4UB 128MB 100 113


  • Support serial bus storage IC and package type
    • SPI NOR Flash, SPI NAND Flash, and EEPROM.
    • SOP, WSON, USON, and BGA.
  • Support Serial Interface Protocol
    • SPI, I²C, and uWire.
  • Support a variety of file formats
    • Binary, Intel Hex, Motorola, and ROM, etc.
  • Support Command Line
    • Provide Command line for software redevelopment.
  • Support Stand-alone mode
    • IC programming without PC. 
  • ATE Port
    • With ISP adaptor, provide Busy/Pass/Error and Start pins for remote control.
  • Support 1.2V low voltage IC
  • Multiple programmers support to program IC in parallel
ISP-SPI/IIC (Included in the package)
ISP Adaptor SPI Interface
ISP Adaptor IIC Interface
ISP-uWire (Optional)
ISP Adaptor uWire Interface
ISP Adaptor ATE Port

Standard Package

  • K110 IC Programmer x 1
  • USB Cable x 1
  • AC 100~240V to DC 5V/1A Power Adaptor x 1
  • SPI/IIC ISP Adaptor with ISP Cable x 1
  • CD-ROM (Include Dediware and User Manual) x 1
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