UFSProg-CS UFS IC Reader Board

UFSProg-CS UFS IC Reader Board

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Model Name : UFSProg-CS
Clamshell Socket for BGA153 11.5*13 UFS IC


UFSPro Series is a professional reader tool to read and write data in each LUN of UFS IC. With a powerful bridge controller IC, DP7000, UFSProg series can support UFS v2.1 up to Gear 3 speed and USB3.1 Gen1 with UASP high-performance protocol.



  • Compliant with UFS v2.1, which supports HS-Gear3.
  • Compliant with USB v3.1 Gen 1, which supports UASP.
  • Each of LUNs will be enumerated as logic disk under USB mass storage mode.
  • UFSProg Series provide different BGA153 11.5*13 socket type for different demands. For example, opentop, clamshell, and adjustable clamshell.
  • With UFSProg software, the user can easily get IC information in one step feature or read/write register in the engineering mode.



UFSProg Software
Standard Accessories
  • UFSProg-CS x 1
  • USB 3.0 Cable x 1
  • CD x 1
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