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Welcome to Visit DediProg at Hall B2, #117


In Productronica Munich 2019, ProgTech&DediProg will show case the state of the art programmers and automation  at booth 117 in Hall B2! We will also present the UFS Memory Trend and its Data Programming Methodologies in the Factory on Thursday, November 14, from 12:30 to 13:00, in Hall B3.


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Looking forward to seeing you at Productronica 2019 in Germany!



+ Date:  12th to 15th November, 2019

+ Booth: Hall B2 no.117

+ Venue: Messe München




 High Efficient

Automated IC Programming



Throughput can go up to 3,500UPH since it can embed up to 96 socket sites, and supports UFS and other general IC kinds on the market. With tray, tape, and tube peripherals and other accessories, such as laser marking, labeling, 3D inspections, sensors, it will satisfy IC programming needs in many different ways. 




Automated IC Programming


It’s a brand new automated programming system by DediProg. The machine size is suitable for small area. With one nozzle, it can still program up to 1,000 units per hour and it is best for tape and tray programming. 




Universal Gang


and Duplicator


It is a brand new engineering programmer and duplicator that supports full range of programmable ICs, including UFS (Universal Flash Storage IC) and other general IC kinds. User can both program and duplicate the ICs on the same device without using different devices.

Date: February 26 – 28, 2019
Location: Nuremberg Exhibition Centre
Booth: 3A-609 at Hall 3
Presentation Subject: Development & Programming of Universal Flash Storage (UFS)
Presentation Time: February 26 at 1:30 PM in Hall A, 3A-730. 
Website: Click Here
ProgTech will be exhibited at the embedded world exhibition 2019, which is the leading international fair for embedded systems in Nuremberg.
We will demonstrate our latest automated programming system- DP3000-G2, the automated taping system, DP600-A, and the tray loader, Auto Tray-350.
DP3000-G2 is an automated programming system that supports different kinds of input and output peripherals, which includes tray, tape, and tube. The system can be embedded with different types of programmers to supports various IC kinds and packages. It can be embedded with up to 6 sets of 8 sites programmers to have a total of 48 socket sites, and the throughput can go up to 2,500 UPH (units per hour). Furthermore, DP3000-G2 can integrate with other accessories, like inspection systems and marking systems, to achieve all-in-one production.
Auto Tray-350 is a new type of automated tray loader that can embed with ink marker or laser marker; the marking can be done after the materials have been placed into the tray. The Auto Tray-350 can work independently or integrate with the automated programming system. 
We are pleased to welcome you to our booth to discuss any programming questions!


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