Incarcator automat de tavi JEDEC,...
Incarcator automat de tavi JEDEC,...

Incarcator automat de tavi JEDEC, Auto Tray-250

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Auto Tray-250 este un modul folosit la incarcarea automata a tavitelor cu componente.
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Numele modelului: Auto Tray-250


Are you still changing the trays by yourself whenever the tray is fully loaded? Auto Tray-250 is an automatic loader specifically for tray input and output. It can accommodate up to 20 to 25 JEDEC standard trays at once and it can perfectly combine with DediProg's automated IC programming systems, DP1000-G2 and DP3000-G2, or other third party automation. Once the tray is filled up with IC, the trays will exchange automatically, and it will only take about 25 seconds!



  • Supporting all standard JEDEC trays
  • Able to accommodate up to 25 trays
  • Easily to Integrate with automated programming systems
  • Automatically switch the tray once the tray pockets are empty (input) or filled (output).
Auto Tray-250 integrated with DP3000-G2
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