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Programator memorii UFS, eMMC si eMCP NuProg-E

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Programatorul NuProg-E accepta urmatoarele tipuri de  memorii cum ar fi Universal Flash Storage (UFS), eMMC și eMCP, care sunt utilizate pe scară largă pe dispozitivele mobile, cum ar fi smartphone-urile și calculatoarele. Avand o interfață prietenoasă pentru utilizator, permite inginerului sa  configureze descriptori UFS, atribute, flags ,LUN și boot partition a UFS; În plus, oferă, de asemenea, acces la zona de utilizator a eMMC / eMCP, la Boot, RPMB, GPP și la Enhanced area.


NuProg-E is a professional engineering tool that is innovated for programming mass flash storage with its speed and reliability, which is achieved by utilizing industry interface standard of interconnect layer specification, M-PHY, and Unipro from MIPI® Alliance. Together with built-in SuperSpeed® USB 3.0 for high-speed communication, it is an efficient tool for you to focus on application analysis and product development. 
NuProg-E programmer supports Universal Flash Storage (UFS), eMMC and eMCP which are widely used in mobile devices such as 
smartphones and tablet computers. Designed with complete functional software and user-friendly interface, it allows the engineer to congiure UFS‘s Descriptors, Attributes, Flags, LUN, and boot partition; In addition, it also provides access to eMMC/eMCP's User Area, Boot, RPMB, GPP, and Enhanced area. 


Data Transfer Speed is at 180MB/s max. The real read/write speed depends on various factors such as communication protocol, chip controller performance, and NAND technology, etc.



  • High speed programming
    • Built-in high-speed processor to achieve high programming speed 
  • Support UFS and eMMC/eMCP programming
    • UFS part
      • Support Descriptors, Attributes, Flags Setting
      • Support LUN configured and advance setting
    • eMMC part
      • Support User Area, Boot1/2 Partition and Extend CSD
      • Support RPMB, GPP1~4, and Enhanced mode
  • Support all IC package Support standard package for UFS and eMMC, or special package for eMCP. 
  • Regular software update
  • Palm-size and space-saving        Dimension:132 x 75 x 30 mm      Weight:104g 
  • Support USB2.0 and USB3.0 (using power adapter)
  • Support Windows7/8/8.1/10

Time Reference:

Test Data Size: 8G Bytes 

IC Type IC P/N Write Speed Read Speed
UFS SDINDDH4-64G 86.2 MB/s 62 MB/s
KLUDG4U1EA-B0C1 83.6 MB/s 74.5 MB/s
H28U88301AMR 86.2 MB/s 74.5 MB/s
THGAF8G9T43BAIRB 81.9 MB/s 73.1 MB/s
eMMC MTFC32GAKAECN-3MWT 31.8 MB/s 27.3 MB/s
KLM8G1GETF-B041 32.6 MB/s 29.3 MB/s
SDINBDA4-32G 29 MB/s 24.2 MB/s
Engineering Mode
For engineers and expert to access advanced features for development, repairing etc.
UFS IC Detail Setting
Detail Settings of descriptor/ attributes/ flags/ RPMB
eMMC IC Detail Setting
Detail settings of extCSD/ RPMB

Standard Package
  • NuProg-E x 1
  • USB 3.0 Cable x 1
  • AC Switching Power Adaptor x 1
  • CD-ROM x 1

Socket Adaptor Options  (Please select the required one to work with NuProg-E):

NuProg-E requires socket adaptor to program IC, every socket adaptor corresponds to different IC kind, package type, and size, please choose the appropriate socket adaptor from the list below. If you have any questions, please contact Progtech sales (

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