Screen cleaner spray with antistatic...
Screen cleaner spray with antistatic...

Screen cleaner spray with antistatic effect ECS 400ml

5.4 €

Universal Foam-Cleaner with antistatic action for sensitive cleaning of copy machines, glass surfaces, screens, etc. Very good foam stability, high level of efficiency, does not attack materials. The antistatic effect noticeably prevents for new soiling. Suitable for LCD- and TFT-Screens.

Product description:


·        Foam Cleaner with Antistatic Action


·        SCREEN contains special dissolving substances to remove dirt and greasy films from glass, plastic, ceramics, and metals


·        The additional antistatic effect noticeably prevents new soiling


·        SCREEN cleans gently and is safe to use. It will not smear, stain, scratch, streak or abrade


·    SCREEN removes dust, grease, dirt, fingerprints and nicotine deposits efficiently from computer terminals, suitable for LCD- and TFT-Screens, office and photographic processing equipment, graphic art tables, TV picture screens, mirrors and glass of all kind


·        It improves optical clarity and distortion-free reading. Its antistatic agent prevents renewed soiling


Item, Content:


·        Spray in aerosol can


·        Content: 400 ml


·        12 cans in a box

According to international regulation, this product is dangerous good (limited quantity).

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