Flux Remover Spray, ECS 400ml

7.1 €

FLUX-OFF or PCB flux cleaner is a mild, but effective cleaner that easily removes the toughest deposits of flux, soldering oils and other contaminants such as grease, dirt and molding compounds. Flux remover is colorless and leaves no residue. It is used for gentle and intensive cleaning of printed circuit boards, electronic subassemblies and all other electronic components, suitable for degreasing of parts and equipment. It does not attack any material in common use. However, avoid using it on PVC and polystyrene.


FLUX-OFF is especially suitable for a gentle, but intensive cleaning of printed circuit boards, electronic sub-assemblies, and all other electronic components. Further, it is also suitable for the degreasing of installations and appliances. Spray FLUX-OFF thoroughly on residues to be removed. For accurate work, use the attached extension tube. Allow the solvents to act for a time. To protect printed circuit boards after the cleaning process, we recommend the use of PLASTIC and URETHANE.


Please Note

Electronic devices to be switched-off during cleaning and plug to be taken out. Cleaning instructions of the appliance producer to be taken into account. Further information concerning FLUX-OFF to be found in recent MSDS.

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