NuProg-F8A UFS/eMMC Gang Programmer and Duplicator (No LCD)

NuProg-F8A UFS/eMMC Gang Programmer and Duplicator (No LCD)

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Model Name : NuProg-F8A

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NuProg-F8A is the new generation UFS/eMMC gang duplicator. Support UFS v2.1 and eMMC v5.1 storage IC. All new design architecture makes the machine into the compact size. NuProg-F8A supports multiple machines in one PC. User can duplicate the IC from NuProg-E to several NuProg-F8A for small volume production demand.

Data Transfer Speed is at 180MB/s max. The real read/write speed depends on various factors such as communication protocol, chip controller performance, and NAND technology, etc.


  • Support UFS v2.0/v2.1 and eMMC v5.1 storage IC
  • UFS duplicating supports LUN configuration and Descriptors/Attributes/Flags. (Not support RPMB duplicating)
  • eMMC duplicating supports boot area, GPP, user area, and enhanced mode. (Not support RPMB duplicating)
  • Each NuProg-F8A provides 8 slave socket sites, all slaves socket sites can work concurrently

Time Reference:

Test Data Size: 8G Bytes

IC Type IC P/N Write Speed Read Speed
UFS SDINDDH4-64G 90 MB/s 151.7 MB/s
KLUDG4U1EA-B0C1 146.3 MB/s 151.7 MB/s
H28U88301AMR 124 MB/s 141.2 MB/s
THGAF8G9T43BAIRB 91 MB/s 151.7 MB/s
eMMC MTFC32GAKAECN-3MWT 68.3 MB/s 83.6  MB/s
KLM8G1GETF-B041 58.5 MB/s 86.2 MB/s
SDINBDA4-32G 67.1 MB/s 86.2 MB/s


Copy Mode
Execute copy function with NuProg-E
Standard Package
  • NuProg-F8A x 1
  • USB 3.0 Cable x 1
  • Power Cable x 1
  • CD-ROM x 1
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