Automated IC Programming System DP2000
Automated IC Programming System DP2000

Automated IC Programming System DP2000

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Model Name : DP2000
Looking for automated IC programming system, but only need tape input and output? DP2000 is dedicated for taping and reeling.
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DP2000 is an automated programming system specially designed for tube/tape in & tape out. The system is equipped with a moving programming module and 4 nozzles to handle pick & placement of IC input, positioning, programming and IC output. With 4 nozzles functioning synchronously with the moving programming module, DP2000 easily achieves high throughput, 3,000UPH. This unique and creative design already obtained a patent.



  • Dedicated for Tube or Tape in; Tape out.
  • High Throughput: 3,000 UPH
  • High Expansibility
  • Software Supports NAND FLASH Bad Block Skip and Partition Programming
  • Unique & Creative Design obtains a Patent
  • Software Supports Work Project
  • Fast & Accurate Positioning
  • Support PSA & Heat Sealing
  • Vertical & Horizontal Infrared Inspection
2D Inspection System
Use CCD to check IC Appearance
Ink Marker
Stamp dot, number or letter on the IC with different colors.
Standard Package
  • DP2000 Main unit*1
  • Vertical & Horizontal Infrared Inspection* 1
  • Automated Taping Machine*1
  • Electrical Tape Feeder Fixture*1


Optional Accessories
  • ProgMaster-S8 Programmer
  • Socket Adaptor
  • Input/Output Positioner
  • Automatic Tube In Loader
  • Electrical Tape Feeder
  • lnk Marker
  • CCD Camera
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