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Sistem automatizat de programare DP3000-G2

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Va recomandam sistemul de programare automatizat DP3000-G2, care este foarte potrivit pentru volume mari de programare.
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Numele modelului: DP3000-G2


DP3000-G2, este un sistem automatizat de programare.

Cu programatorul universal ProgMaster încorporat în DP3000-G2 și diferite periferice de intrare / ieșire, sistemul poate oferi o soluție globală pentru programarea diferitelor tipuri de componente. Suporta toate tipurile de circuite integrate, cum ar fi EEPROM, NAND / NOR FLASH și MCU ... etc.
DP3000-G2  are 4 capete pick&place.

Sistemul este încorporat cu 4 seturi de programator ProgMaster-S8 care oferă 48 de site-uri de programare.

DP3000-G2 is the second generation of DP3000, a professional automated programming system that supports CSP programming. It supports different input/output peripherals, like the tube, tape, and tray, which provides an overall solution for IC programming. DP3000-G2 supports all kinds of IC families, such as EEPROM, NAND/NOR FLASH, MCU, UFS, eMMC...etc. It is able to embed with 6 sets of ProgMaster-S8 programmer or 6 sets of NuProg-S8A programmer to expand up to 48 programming sites, which will keep the high throughput even when handling the high-density memory, like NAND FLASH.



  • Support All IC Families and different Input/output Peripherals
  • High Expansibility
  • Modular Design
  • Adjustable Socket Actuating Kit
  • High Throughput, up to 2,500 UPH
  • Software Support NAND FLASH Bad Block Skip and Partition Programming
  • Software Support Work Project
  • Fast & Accurate Positioning
  • Optional Ink or Laser Marker When Tape Out
Optional Accessories


ProgMaster Programmer

♦ ProgMaster-S8

♦ NuProg-S8A (UFS/eMMC)


I/O Peripherals

Automated Taping Machine

 ♦ DP600-A

Electrical Tape Feeders

 ETF-8mm     ETF-12mm

 ETF-16mm   ETF-24mm

♦ ETF-32mm 

Auto Tray Loaders

 Auto Tray-250  Auto Tray-260

♦ Auto Tray-350 Series

Automatic SOP/TSOP Tube in Loader


Manual Tube In/Out Loaders

♦ MTI-220 (Input)   MTO-230 (Output)


Ink Marker

 AIM-610 (Ink)  ALM-610 (Laser)

AOI Inspection Systems

 AOI-630-S (2D) 

 ANS-640 (2D)  ANS-640C (2D) 

 ANS-650 (2D)  ANS-650C (2D)

♦ ANS-680 (3D)

Label Feeder


Socket Adaptor

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